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If you are new to zSILENCER, check the about page for a quick description of the game. Online play through the in-game Lobby requires account creation either through the game or on this website. Get the latest hosted Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the game directly from the Download page.

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What is Silencer?

Silencer was a game from Mind Control Software, playable online through the WON (World Opponent Network) service, which was discontinued by Valve in favor of the Steam platform. Along with the demise of WON.net, Silencer went with it. zSILENCER is a re-creation of the original Silencer game.

zSilencer now on AUR
zSilencer has been added to the Arch User Repository, now you can install and play on linux very simply and easily.
zSILENCER 00022 Released
New features:
  • Custom map support, map previews, current game map displayed in game lobby.
  • Invisibility powerup and neutron depositor implemented, and the neutron bomb powerup now activates a nuke after 15 seconds rather than giving player a neutron bomb in their inventory.
  • Current music track is displayed in a marquee style at the top of the screen, and F4, F5 keys can be pressed to pause/resume or advance track.
  • EMPs/neutrons only affect where they have been thrown, so throwing them inside a base will only damage things inside of the base.
  • If your contact level is at least 1, you will see a countdown underneath large terminals. Warp gates are less sensitive, you now have to be inside of them instead of simply touching them, and they will only warp on the single frame that the countdown reaches 0.
  • Because many inventory items use the same sprite, there is now a small letter differentiating them.
  • Various player control tweaks have been made to increase response, such as allowing running immediately after firing, weapon animation has been sped up to give quicker shooting, you do not have to hold the direction you want to fire, only tap. A client-server issue was also fixed that made you snap around when shooting while jetpacking.
  • The snapshot queue is managed better, lag is reduced greatly because of this.
  • Detonators can now be planted without having to be on the ground.
  • Max tech slots is now 8 instead of 10.
  • Dozens of various bugs have been fixed, such as pressing enter after chatting activating control bound to enter, screen becoming black after exiting another game in windows, poison fixed, some game objects not being deleted on the client, bug where you can die while exiting the base and still be alive.
  • Multi-line chat messages are indented, secret beaming time is now 65 seconds, and satellite countdown is now 150, 120, and 90 seconds depending on how many secrets have already been returned.
  • Players now start with small amount of inventory of the chosen tech weapons, and agency specific items are given to the player at the beginning. 2 poisons for Black Rose, 1 health pack for Noxis, 1 tract for Lazarus, 1 virus for Static.
  • Robots drop 250 files when destroyed, their health and shield have been increased, and when virused will change color to designate the team.
  • Fixed cannons now switch directions, but cannot be placed close together or on top of each other.
  • Rockets now have splash damage.
  • F1 can be held to show a list of users in the game, and their bonus levels.
  • Civilian disguise is no longer team-colored except for teammates, and insider info does not work on the last secret progress item.
  • Plasma blasts now do more shield damage, max files has been increased to 2800, when double hack is active the keyboard sounds are played, and you are now able to press the hack button immediately after dying to respawn.
zSILENCER 00021 Released
New features:
  • Revamped lobby game creation with customizable map security, min/max player levels, max players/teams, and passwords
  • Network input commands queued which makes other players move smoothly at the expense of a small amount of latency, also doubles as an anti-speedhack
  • Mouse cursor is hidden when in game
  • Outgoing bandwidth usage is 80% less
  • Small player movement tweaks, matches the original better
  • Option to color all enemies red and teammates blue on the minimap
  • RLE blitted graphics, should be slightly faster
  • Various bug fixes
zSILENCER 00020 Released
New features:
  • 100% of tech items are now complete. Lazarus Tract, Poison, Poison Flare, Camera, Virus, and Security Pass added.
  • New improved ambient sound system
  • Rain drop puddles, and cold breath graphic effects
  • Guards will climb up and down ladders to get to you
  • Robot AI improved with melee range attack
  • Destroy enemy tech stations to disable their tech, forcing them to spend money on repairs
  • Friendly fire is now fixed
  • Team billboard will turn into a surveillance monitor when team has a secret or beaming, and the little tvs at the front of the base surveil different areas inside your base
  • Various graphic tweaks such as laser shield damage shrapnel
  • Clicking on a tech item in the lobby will display a description of the tech

Features from Silencer now 99% complete.

zSILENCER Now Open Source

Check the source code on GitHub

zSILENCER 00019 Released
New features:
  • Tech loadout can be customized
  • Base defense tech item added
  • Powerups added, they include super shield, hacking bonus, jetpack fuel, neutron bomb, and radar
  • Time limit for secret retrieval implemented
  • Mission summary after match, which displays stats and XP earned
  • Joining/creating a game creates a new chat room for the specific game
  • Lazarus resurrection
  • Bonus abilities can be chosen after leveling up
  • A message is displayed when the server connection is lost
  • Notification message when a player leaves the game
  • Teammates have their name appear above their character
  • Civilians run away from projectiles
  • In the windows version, the taskbar will flash when there are new channel messages
  • Agency abilities, for example Noxis has better jump, Static can see enemies on radar, and Black Rose is untargetted by base defenses and does not show up on radar

This is a big update, and roughly 85% of the features from the original game are now complete.

zSILENCER 00018 Released
New features:
  • Civilian disguise
  • Flare tech item
  • Can now input more text characters in the chat
  • Player now explodes when he dies by rocket
  • Typing /list in a channel will list the current users in the channel
zSILENCER 00017 Released
New features:
  • Rendering is no longer limited to 24 fps
  • There is now camera smoothing
  • Base doors are hidden and only appear when you or a teammate see the enemy entering/creating/exiting their base
  • The icon for players will flash green when they are in their base
  • Insider Info tech has been added
  • Ladder jump goes higher
  • Code has been optimized a bit, should run faster/more efficiently
  • Alarm is played when enemy enters base
  • Status messages at the bottom of the screen when items are picked up, players killed, etc
zSILENCER 00016 Released
New features:
  • Can fire weapon while in the air or jetpacking, and while on ladders
  • Grenades have been tweaked, can be thrown in more directions, are color coded, etc.
  • Warping effect implemented
  • Team can be switched while in a lobby game
  • There is now a short intermission before games
  • Network latency is now displayed in the title bar
  • Background music, and the sound volume will be set low when window is not active
  • Single player mode starts the player with 20000 credits and has gameplay introduction
  • Switched from SDL1.2 to SDL2, and the game window can be resized with linear filtering

Online play is now improved with more smoothness, some player movement has been tweaked such as climbing ledges a bit better, explosions and their hit effects and damage have been tweaked.

zSILENCER 00015 Released
New features:
  • E.M.P. Bombs
  • Shaped Bombs
  • Plasma Bombs
  • Neutron Bombs
  • Fixed Cannons (auto turret)
  • Guards will now shoot at and follow players
  • Ladder jumping
  • Teleport gates
zSILENCER 00014 Released
This release fixes a few issues and also adds support for fire while crouched.
zSILENCER 00013 Released
New features:
  • Configurable controls
  • In-game chat
  • Inventory station
  • Flamer weapon
  • Items: Plasma Det, Health pack, Give credits to player
In addition, player movement has been tweaked and various other small changes.
zSILENCER 00012 Released
The latest version of zSILENCER includes many new improvements, such as games in the lobby.
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